Newborn Baby Room Decorating Ideas

Before Johanna was born we created her nursery room with a Alice in Wonderland inspired theme.  Our baby boy is expecting his arrival in the end of September.  As a boy I loved Star Wars.  The series were my favorite movies of all time.  So having a boy we were looking for newborn baby room decorating ideas.  I instantly thought of using a Star Wars theme.

Star Wars Nursery Theme

There are a lot of ideas out there for a Star Wars nursery theme.  However, not many of them were the way we liked.  So we’ve placed together a hodgepodge of elements.  Most of our elements were made from scratch.  We put our craft hats on and had fun.

First we began with painting the room in a neutral grey.  Near the ceiling we painted the room with a strip of navy blue.  We added a bunch of star decals as well as blackout star curtains.  We did place some other star wars decals that I hand made using a Silhouette Cameo.

On Etsy we found a lot of wall art ideas.  I did’t feel like paying for something that I could create myself.  So I put together some photos that we could put in frames.  Jolene has been wanting to make a quilt.  So we bought some Star Wars fabric and that is her big project she is working on.

For our crib mobile we bought a bunch Itty Bitty Star Wars Characters that we are piecing together.  That’s another project Jolene is working on.  We recently just got our crib.  Our dresser is being delivered today.  We also painted Johanna’s diaper changing station to match the rest of the furniture.

We do have a bunch of other elements that we are going to be working on.  Specifically we are looking to either buy or create a lamp that’s Star Wars themed.  We might reupholster our rocker.  In the future we will create another post with all the finished elements.  I’m sure we will add a bunch more to it in the next 4 months.  Let us know what you think of our Star Wars Nursery.



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  1. Lee Ann McIntire

    June 6, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    I LOVE it!!! A huge Star Wars fan…always!!! I can’t wait to see the finished product! How fun…


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