Dads Can Cook

Years ago evolution created some miraculous innate ability for women to be able to cook.  Men for centuries lacked that ability and were relegated to hunting for meat.  Only until recently did a genetic mutation occur that triggered the ability for men to read directions from a cookbook.  See what I did there?  That’s a joke.  Dads can indeed cook.  We are very good at it too especially when given the chance.

Dads Can Cook

A couple posts back I mentioned that my child’s personal chef is Taco Bell.  We do eat out a too much.  However, that is not for the lack of my ability in cooking.  In reality I am a really good cook.  I love to experiment in the kitchen.  Usually the results come out great.  Luckily, I’ve never had to call for a pizza delivery as of yet.  Knock on apple wood.

My personal favorite meal is BBQ chicken.  My fallback for a meal is always cooking chicken.  The only downfall is getting the BBQ warm.  Since we’ve been growing lots of fruit, I decided to create my own concauction.  I picked some strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries and created my own BBQ sauce recipe.  I’ve been making my own recipe with brown sugar for a while now.  I love the caramelizing the bbq sauce makes.  This time I decided to add my own personal sugars from my homegrown fruit.  It turned out fantastic if I do say so myself.

I generally use apple wood chunks as well as charcoal in my barbecue.  I prefer larger pieces of apple wood than using 1 inch pellets.  Depending on the situation I’ll either slow cook the chicken at a lower temperature, or higher temperature for a faster time.  Today I opted for a higher temperature.  The result is less smoke infused chicken.  With my new BBQ sauce recipe it made up for it.  It still took about 30 minutes to cook outside of starting the bbq an hour earlier.

Today we opted for a new fruit.  It’s a Golden Bliss Melon.  It almost tastes identical to a cantaloupe.  This specific fruit has more flavor in my opinion.  It was a nice addition to our meal.  We followed that up with steamed broccoli.  One thing that I’ve been lucky with is that Johanna loves broccoli.  A lot of children do not like vegetables, let alone broccoli.  Johanna loves almost any vegetable.  For that reason alone, I know she is a healthy child at least in regards to nutrition.  We also had some apricots on our tree that we didn’t see until today.  So that was a nice treat.

Anyway, I tell you this because indeed men can cook.  I have lots of other great recipes passed on by my grandmother, my mom, and other ones that I created myself.  I especially love Thanksgiving as my experimenting is on high alert.  Jolene was never really taught to cook.  I’ve seen more and more families not teach their daughters and sons to not cook.  It’s somehow seen as some inferior lifestyle to have a family member at home who knows how to cook.  Eating healthy is important and trumps any inferior labels.  Now the only problem I have is eating in moderation, because when I make a meal this good it’s hard not to eat too much.


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