Tips for Taking an Infant on a Cruise

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Nov 22, 2017
Cruise Ships

Countless people have told us we were brave for taking an infant on board a cruise.  Some words other than brave were included as well.  Since we like traveling we thought it would be a good idea to experiment with a cruise.  Food is catered to us.   Our rooms are cleaned while we are out.  Entertainment is freely given to us.  It’s like having a butler while having an infant.  Now I wouldn’t recommend a cruise for families with infants that cry all night.  However, if your child sleeps well at night, at cruise can be a great experience.  Of course they won’t remember it, but you will.  So for parents looking for tips for taking an infant on a cruise, here are mine.

First Impressions of MSC Cruises

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Nov 21, 2017

Traveling is one of our favorite things as a family to do.  As a child the only thing I truly wanted to do more than anything else was to travel the world.  Jolene and I have traveled many places.  Still, we plan to travel many more location.  Above our fireplace is a map of the places we have traveled, and also places we plan to go.  About 2 years ago we went on our first cruise.  We found out that traveling by ship is not our favorite way to go.  We thought we would try again, this time with MSC Cruises.  So I thought I would write about our first impressions of MSC Cruises.

Things My Parents Use to Say That I Now Say

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Nov 7, 2017
Things My Parents Use to Say That I now Say

As a child I was raised by my grandparents for the majority of my upbringing.  Both my grandparents and parents had sayings they would tell me over and over again.  Often I never understood why they said these things, but as a parent I do understand now.  Below are saying that my parents use to say that I now say.

Our Baby Boy Can Control His Head Now

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Nov 4, 2017

Each and every day Braeden is able to control his head more.   Today I was holding him and he just sat there by himself in a normal sitting position. Since he could sit on his own I figured we would introduce him to his Bumbo we bought him.

“Yes Parenting” Is Hurting Children

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Oct 31, 2017
Yes Parenting Is Hurting Children

Halloween is one of Johanna’s favorite holidays.  Each year she loves to choose a princess and guise herself around our town trick-or-treating.  Each year we buy about $80 of candy and hand it out to all the children and adults who visit.  It takes about two hours before we run out.  Bus loads of children are dropped off in our neighborhood.  This year, Halloween angered me because of 3 boys who seem to have never heard the answer no before.

First Day of Fall

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Sep 22, 2017
Fall Door Decorations

We always love the change of season.  Each season has it’s perks.  Winter has rain and snow, which generally is our favorite time of year.  Plus you can’t forget Christmas.  Spring, all the flowers begin to grow and our fruit begin to sprout.  Summer we go to the beach, lakes and river.  Fall has it’s own special intrigue.  Trees begin their change and preparation for winter.  Their leaves change color, making it one of the most colorful seasons.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are also fun holidays to experience this time of year.  Everything pumpkin spice makes it way to market.  Apple season begins it’s surge.  Luckily today marks the first day of fall.

My Baby Boy Has Jaundice

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Sep 22, 2017
My Baby Boy Has Jaundice

My baby boy looks like a red banana, literally.  Most of his skin is a red tinge, but if you place pressure on his skin the underlying color is yellow.  The sclera of his eyes also have a yellow hue to them.  My baby boy has jaundice.  If my daughter had not had jaundice when she was born I would have been more worried.

Best Baby Camera for 2017

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Sep 20, 2017

I am a techy. When anything new in technology comes out I am all over it. I’ve used different types of cameras for surveillance, as well as a bay camera. This year Netgear came out with the Arlo Baby camera. It’s their version of a baby camera, with the perks of of Arlo. All baby cams have their pros and cons. However, for me Arlo Baby has the most pros.

Best Baby Camera for 2017

My choice for the best camera is Arlo Baby. The reason I chose this camera is because one it is 1080p. The quality of video is great. Which is useful in seeing if your baby is awake, sleeping, or even alive for that matter. It does have Infrared lights for night vision. It has two way audio. It does have a couple sensors for temperature and humidity. One of the most important things is motion and sound alerts. Also important for me is the use of my cell phone. I don’t have to have a monitor to view it. I can set my wife and my own cell phone to view alerts and video.

The cons of this camera is the delay between sound, notifications, and video relay. Waiting a couple seconds to actually see what’s going can be a problem. Now, I have yet to see a camera that doesn’t have a delay. So in reality, there isn’t much of a difference from it’s competitors.

I appreciate Arlo’s move to make the camera look like something other than a camera. We like the camera, and when we no longer need it for a baby camera we can still you it to watch my house when I’m away.

What’s also important for myself is the integration of Arlo with IFTTT. They are many IFTTT combinations that can be used in tangent with it.

The Birth of Our Son – Braeden Is Here

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Sep 19, 2017
baby boy

As of September 17, 2017 at 8:20 p.m. Braeden Lucas Bearden officially entered the world.  He arrived a healthy weight of 8 lbs 9 oz and a length of 20 inches.  Braeden was born 9 days early.   In the words similar to what Kevin Hart would say, I wasn’t ready.

Maternity Photo Session

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Sep 5, 2017
The Wildlands Conservancy

We have been really busy as of late running different businesses. Since it was Labor Day yesterday Johanna didn’t have school. So we finally had a few hours where we could run out and take some photos. Yesterday was a little cooler so we ran up to The Wildlands Conservancy in Oak Glen.

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