Johanna’s First Day of Kindergarten

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Aug 8, 2017

Today was the big day.  Johanna’s first day of kindergarten.  She took her Ariel backpack and lunch tote and began her journey as a school girl.  As a father what comes to mind for me?  I’m getting old.

First Day of Kindergarten

We dropped Johanna off at her school this morning.  They allowed us to play with her for a few minutes before she entered her classroom.  We said her goodbyes and left.  No tears, no crying, everything went in stride.  A few other students were crying as their parents left.  Johanna was too excited to miss us as we left.  I should count my blessings.

She only goes to school for 4 hours a day this year.  Her school starts at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Luckily we don’t have to wake up early like all the other school kids.  There is no rush in the morning.  So now I have 4 extra hours in a day to do something productive.  What to do, what to do.

Well, my first inkling is to make this blog post.  I’ll do more work that I need to do.  In a month though, our baby boy will be coming into the world.  So we will be starting all over again.  Johanna no longer has total dependence on us.  She now has to depend on her teachers for a period of time each day.  Our son though will now depend on us.  It’s like starting from scratch.  5 more years and we will be doing this all again.  I’ll feel even older then.

We did get a few photos of her special milestone today.  Hopefully as the years go by we can keep doing something similar.  That’s the hope at least.  It may not be the cool thing to do when she gets older, but hopefully she will put up with us.  I even got another photo for my SAHD Project.

Ariel Backpack and Lunch Bag First Day of Kindergarten

Tag Is Not Permitted in Schools

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Aug 4, 2017
Tag is not permitted in schools

Johanna begins her first year of school next week. She grew up fast, too fast.  Did I just say too fast?  It seemed like yesterday I was counting seconds.  She begins kindergarten at Sundance Elementary in Beaumont California. Jolene was combing through the rules and regulations of students. Specifically she was looking at the Student Behavioral Expectations pamphlet. One of the rules state that “tag/chase is never permitted.” Running is also not allowed.  Additionally you can never touch another student. Not just in the no-no area, but at all.  Johanna loves to hug.  I’m prepared for the phone calls already. What really bugs me though is that tag is not permitted in schools.

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