Fun Times in Lake Arrowhead

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Jun 9, 2017

“Are we there yet” and “how much farther” tends to start well within 10 minutes of leaving home. On a long drive like today that can get old quickly. Lake Arrowhead is about an hour drive from us. The drive up the mountain is right on the cliff. So those who are afraid of height, do not look out the car, well unless you are driving. We have some friends that live up in Lake Arrowhead.  So we decided to go and visit them.  Today’s weather was fairly cool, which was very pleasant for this late in Spring.

We went to Hortencias Mexican Grill for lunch. They have two restaurants in the area. We had intended to go to Hortencias at the Cliffhanger, however our google maps took us the wrong direction. By the time I realized it we just decided to eat at their original restaurant. The Cliffhanger location has great views of the valley for anyone unfamiliar with the area. Their food is great too.

Beaumont Cherry Festival 2017

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Jun 3, 2017

Occasionally on this blog I’ll be posting about events that we go to.  We have lots of family that lives away from us and doesn’t get to see Johanna grow other than on Facebook.  So this blog will be another avenue for our family to see photos and videos.

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