What’s the Small Hole in a Toilet

Have you ever wondered what the small hole in a toilet is?  It’s a siphon jet.  Toilets work by gravity.  The extra hole acts as a siphon to increase the flow of water into the toilet.  This action aids in emptying the toilet faster.  Personally I didn’t understand it’s function until recently.  Our toilet kept emptying slowly.  It wasn’t until after we did a deep clean of the toilet until it started to empty normally.  

Recently our toilets got beyond dirty.  Our house has two toilets that are very hard to keep clean. One of which we thought was impossible to clean. I have two girls that forget to flush the toilet, especially during the night. Yes, girls, not boys.  So the buildup can be rather disgusting. I’ve tried cleaning the toilet via different methods. I’ve tried expensive store bought items, and even the DIY vinegar method of using a paper towel with no luck. Recently Jolene bought Lime-A-Way Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Cleaning a Dirty Toilet with Lime-A-Way

Generally it’s me cleaning the toilet. Today I went up stairs to find Jolene cleaning the toilet. She recently purchased Lime-A-Way and poured it in the toilet and let it sit for an hour and most of the nasty stuff fell right off. The rest wiped right off.  This is the first time in about a year our toilet looks new again.  Since the cleaner worked so well it also unplugged the small hole in the toilet.  I hadn’t realized the hole was plugged until a bunch of nasty stuff came out of it.  Now the toilet flushes much faster.

What's the Small Hole in a ToiletSo if you have a toilet that needs cleaning, you might give them a try.  It’s more expensive than other products we used, however nothing worked like this for us.  So in the long run it’s cheaper.  If your toilet is emptying slowly and you are sure it’s not clogged, then you might check to see if the siphon jet is plugged.

This post is rather different than posts I’ve had in the past.  I wasn’t paid by them to sponsor their product.  I just felt if you are like me, and have a toilet that won’t fully clean, that you might find this information useful.

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