Went all in With the New MacBook Pro

In 2002 I had my first experience with a Mac.  I wasn’t too thrilled, but I eventually got used to it.  While in college, everything we used in the Art Department was on a Mac.  I eventually bought my first MacBook Pro in 2005.  It was a 17″ that is no longer made.  After years of improvement they became the go to computer for anyone working in the photography business.  So once again I went all in with the new MacBook Pro.

Went all in With the New MacBook Pro

In the past 13 years or so I’ve had 4 laptops made by Apple.  This was the first time I truly felt like jumping ship and going back to a PC.  Ever since they discontinued the 17″ MacBook Pro I’ve had to do my video work on a smaller screen that is not conducive to my work environment.  I also have a iMac, but I don’t have the accessibility with it when traveling.

Microsoft has picked up their game, and with many of their new computers they have surpassed Apple in many ways.  I do actually like the ability to touch the screen for certain applications.  From an artist standpoint, the ability to use a screen like a Wacom Tablet is great.  Apple decided to create the Touch Bar, which I feel is stepping back in time to a technology that failed for Dell.

There are many other things that I don’t like about the new MacBook Pros.  I was disappointed by removal of the sd card slot.  Previous models I used the slot as a back up hard rive.  Apple knowing this, and realizing most people didn’t opt for a larger hard rive removed it.  This is why I opted for a larger hard drive on my new MacBook.  Unfortunately Apple likes to nickel and dime you at every corner.

What I Like About the New MacBook Pro’s

It’s a Mac.  Plain and simple there are many things that Mac does right.  For me it is a simpler operating system.  It’s not complex, and I don’t get viruses.  I don’t even want to remember how many hours it took to remove a virus from a PC back in the day.  Luckily I knew how to avoid most viruses, but I still was unlucky.  To this day I haven’t had to worry other than a adware program once in a while popping up.

Secondly, I actually like the 4 USB-C ports.  Eventually that will be the way to go, and Mac will already be there.  The Microsoft Surface Laptops opted to not go that route, which I didn’t like.  Although you will need a multipart adapter for most accessories on the MacBook.  I can see why some would rather go with the Surface so they don’t have to bring any adapter.

I actually do like the new Space Grey color option.  It’s a nice break from the typical silver color.  Many of the new Microsoft Surface Laptops come in many colors, but only in the smaller 13″.  Mac needs to start giving more options in the future so they can cater to college students wanting a computer that express their individual identity.

Going with Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors was a must.  They should have done it last year as that was a bad business decision.  At least it is here now.  The biggest problem with this new computer is that the battery life is no where near as advertised.  I get about 3-4 hours of battery time.  That was a test just running Safari, with Photoshop running in the background.  I think the only way to get 10 hours of battery life is with the screen brightness set to the lowest setting and no apps running.  I have my brightness set around 80% and still could only get over 3 hours.  My old laptop that I’ve had for 5 years still gets 2 and half hours of battery life.  I expected a dramatic increase.

Another thing I like about Mac is their insurance/warranty.  A few years ago parts inside my computer went out.  I took it to get fixed.  Since it was under warranty they replaced every piece except the hard rive and a couple fans.  That’s great customer service.  The only problem with that is I have to drive an hour to the nearest store.

Apple’s monitor resolution is one of the best in its class.  That’s the reason I started with Mac, and one of the biggest reasons why I stay with them.  Generally I don’t have to calibrate the monitor for printing.

What’s That Mean for a Stay at Home Dad

At home I’m on the computer a lot.  I operate two businesses, and now a third blog.  I’m up late every night.  I expect my computers to reliable.  Having a Mac is something that is reliable.  Yes Apple computers are very overpriced, however for me it’s worth it.  My friends PC Laptops tend to slow down after wear and tear.  That’s not something I experience to the same extent with Apple.  The only reason I needed a new laptop is because I dropped my last one.  It still works, but the frame is slightly bent creating the motherboard to be bent as well.  Occasionally that causes problems.  I wanted to get a new computer so that I could transfer everything off before it went bad.  Having my laptop for 5 years and one that still works is a long life for a laptop.

For others who are stay at home dads, it may be an expensive option.  However, not having viruses is a major plus.  Having a Mac keeps you in the cool zone too!  You could also go with a smaller monitor, and slower speed and save over a thousand dollars and bring it into your budget.  As for now though, I still like Mac and will remain with them for another 5 years.

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