As a child I was raised by my grandparents for the majority of my upbringing.  Both my grandparents and parents had sayings they would tell me over and over again.  Often I never understood why they said these things, but as a parent I do understand now.  Below are saying that my parents use to say that I now say.

Stop Biting the Straw

Often while with my dad I remember eating fast food.  The majority of the time we visited Del Taco.  Many times we would share the same drink.  While drinking I had a bad habit of biting the straw.  My dad would always tell me to stop biting the straw.  Years later my daughter has the same habit.  While trying to take a drink the flow will be slowed or impossible to sip.  The culprit, Johanna has chewed the straw.

Stop Kicking Me in the Back of the Seat

My grandmother would get after me all the time for accidentally kicking the back of the seat in the car.  Years later Johanna loves to push off the seat to move around.  Now I know how my grandmother felt.  Constant jolts to the back while driving can be a nuisance.

Sit Back in Your Seat

I was a curious child.  While riding in the car I loved to look around at the windows.  We didn’t have cell phones and iPads to occupy our time.  Often I’d bend over and move around.  I’d get reprimanded for not sitting straight with my back to the seat.  Often I catch Johanna leaning over and I finally realized sitting properly in your seat is necessary to be safe.  Just in the event that a accident does happen.

Cover Your Mouth

Once in a while I remember being told to cover my mouth while I cough.  Generally though I did make sure to follow good hygiene.  My daughter though rarely covers her mouth no matter how much we tell her to do so.  Sometimes we do tell her to cough into her elbow.

Did You Learn Anything at School

My grandmother would ask me this question after picking us up from school.  When I visited my dad he would ask me the same question.  When I spoke to my mother on the phone, she would also ask me this question.  My answer to all of them seemed to always be, “nothing.”  I realize now it was a conversation starter.  A conversation starter that I ended with one word.  I failed to elaborate and continue the conversation.  When I pick Johanna up everyday from school I ask her this same question, “did you learn anything at school.”  Luckily I do get a bigger response than what I gave my family members.  She’s much more outspoken than I was though.

Wait Your Turn to Speak (Wait till Spoken To)

As a child I grew up with a large respect for my elders.  I would have to always wait my turn to speak.  Now as a parent, countless times Jolene and myself have told Johanna to wait her turn to speak.  Johanna loves to interrupt us during important discussions.  Which results in a more prolonged conversation, or conversations that don’t get finished.

Were You Born in a Barn?

I heard this one many times.  Most of the time because the doors didn’t fully shut while exiting our home.  Recently Johanna and Jolene both love to leave the doors open.  Many times I have had to turn the car off and shut the door.  Other times I make them go back and shut the door.

Turn Off the Lights

This is similar to the born in the barn statement.  Sometimes I’d forget to turn off the lights as a child.  Many times when I go upstairs after Jolene or Johanna take a bath, there are up to a dozen light switches left on.  That’s 22 light bulbs left on.  I know because I count them every time I go behind them to shut them off.  For some reason they need the light of Las Vegas to take a bath.

Stay Asleep till Your Alarm Goes off (Time for Bed)

As a child I remember going to bed before the sun set.  I remember looking out the window watching the birds sit on the power line.  As the sun set I remember the owls coming out making their hooting noises.  I hated going to bed so early.  Then I was expected to sleep well into the morning which I felt was annoying as a child.  Now I don’t I expect my daughter to go to bed so early, or wake up so late.  She does still hate having to go bed before us.  Johanna has told Jolene many times she can’t wait to be an adult and have children.  That way she can tell her kids to go to bed early, and stay up after them.  Unfortunately she doesn’t understand that children need more sleep, and that parents also need a break.

Things My Parents Use to Say That I now Say

I know I’ll probably add more as the time comes.

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    November 14, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    This is great… I love it!!!


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