A few years back I decided to do a photo project with my daughter.  I entitled it, “Stay at Home Dad.”  My passion for photography and my life of as a dad was blended together in one art form.

I created the project as a self portrait.  A self portrait in what it’s like to be a father and more specifically a portrait of one who is actively involved in raising my child.  At the time I thought I was complete with the photo series.  I documented the photos in my Wedding by Photo website.  A few years late I had wished I had continued with the series.  With another child on the way I decided I want to continue the series.  So as the time progresses I will add more photos to this website.

The original photos that I post below began with a photo I took with Jolene taking away my xbox.  That was the only staged photo in the series.  That photo sparked my idea for the series.  Each photo can be difficult to take, since my hands are in all the photos.  So it’s not very easy to get many photos, and often the photos I do attempt to get I never really get.  Although, hopefully soon I will have more.

This photo series also sparked my idea to create this “stay at home blog.”  I wanted it to be another avenue of artistic creation.  When Johanna was born I wanted to write her e-mails for her to read when she got older.  That way she knew what I was thinking with each milestone.  I never did that, however now with this site she and her brother finally get those ideas on a computer screen.  Hopefully years from now they’l read them.  Let me know how you like the photo series.

Stay at Home Dad Project Photos

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