SAHD’s Need to Shave

One of cool things about being a SAHD is that we don’t have to always maintain our beards.  I personally hate having to shave every day.  When I attended college I also worked as an officer for the University Patrol.  The department had strict guidelines about maintaining our facial hair.  Many companies have the same regulations.  As a stay at home dad I don’t have a boss telling me how to shave my face, or how often.  Or do I?

All the time Johanna asks why I have a spiky face.  She also asks why I have a spiky face and she does not.  When I kiss her goodnight she tells mom “dad spikes poked me again.”  The times I do shave she makes fun of me because I look different.  Jolene doesn’t like when I grow out my hair.  I often get rapped up with taking care of Johanna and maintaining my businesses that I forget to shave.  I don’t see it as something really important.  In reality it is very important.

As a SAHD it’s important to shave for my wife.  She likes me clean shaved and for her she deserves it.  I know I need to shave more often than I do now.  The problem with shaving is that it is so costly.  Buying razors is a major monthly cost.  Since I don’t shave daily I’ve saved lots of money through the years.  A few years back I sought to find even cheaper ways to shave.

Cheap Methods of Shaving

A few years back I saw a ton of commercials for Dollar Shave Club.  The thought the idea of being able to shave for a dollar as intiguing.  However, when you look at their site you begin to realize that the cost is far more than a dollar.  In reality you are better off buying cheap razors that are for one time use from the store.  I then looked into straight razors and safety razors.  Straight razors are nice, however maintaining the blade is another expensive cost.  To me they seemed more dangerous too.  So I opted to try safety razors.

Safety razors kind of make me feel more manly somehow.  Maybe it’s just me.  It’s like I stepped back in time to when my grandfather used to shave.  In reality technology has changed and blades are far superior.  If done properly, you can save a lot of money as well as have a beard as smooth as a babies butt.

A couple years back I bought a safety razor for my birthday.  I also decided to experement with different blades. Not all blades are the same.  Every man’s beard is different from the next.  Some are course, and others are not.  Course beards you may want a sharper blade, whereas some are too sharp and may cut your face.  Luckily for me, almost any blade will work.  It is a bit different method of shaving.  However, it’s the closest shave I’ve ever had and for pennies on the dollar.

What Do I Use

For the razor I use a Quality Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor.  The price has gone down a third of what it used to be.  There are many options out there.  Some a lot more expensive or cheaper.  Some a lot more decorative.  You might opt for something cheap to see if you like the method in the first place.

Currently I use Astra Superior Platinum Blades.  Blades can cost anywhere from 5 cents to 15 cents a piece depending on how many you buy.  Once you find the right blade, you can then search for cheaper prices by buying in bulk.  Even at 15 cents you are paying less than the blades that cost more than a dollar.  Some of the best and sharpest blades are Feather Blades.   Feather blades are not for everyone.  Gillette makes blades called the 7 O’clock.  They are more accessible and sometimes you can even find them at your local store.  Other companies its more difficult to find.  I really like 7 O’clock and they are generally cheap.  I suggest opting for a a trial pack to experiment with what works best.

You will also need a cream.  For cream I use D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap in Mahogany Bowl.  It lathers nicely and is a decent scent.  They have multiple options.  Once you buy the bowl you can just buy replacement soaps.  My wife bought me a Marlborough scent.  However, I’m not a fan of it as it smells like cigarette smoke.  If you like Marlborough then that might be for you. There are many other cheaper options out there.  It’s really personal preference.  You can also buy shaving cream in a can and use that, but the lather isn’t the same for this type of shaving method.

Another necessity is a brush.  I have a Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush.  It’s not the best brush as the bristles tend to break, but it is fairly cheap.  Once mine is completely deemed useless I’ll opt for something more expensive.

You can also buy a stand and other accessories.  I use a post shave balm from Nivea Men.  With this method of shaving you are getting a very close shave.  A post shave balm helps with sensitivity and also smells nice.

Final Thoughts on Why SAHD’s Need to Shave

It doesn’t really matter how you shave, but it does matter that you do.  SAHD’s need to shave for their wives.  They will love you for it.  If you get my drift.  Unless you have a wife that really likes a wooly man.  If you do, then this post is not for you.


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