My Wife Is Hot

Originally when I planned this post I wanted to take a photo of my wife while she was sweating.  That way I’d have a photo where my wife is hot, literally.  I didn’t get that photo yet.  So the next best thing was to take some photos of her pregnant.

We have been procrastinating a lot lately, and we haven’t really taken many photos of Jolene pregnant.  The other day I was driving back home from Hemet.  While driving through it was almost sunset.  The light was just bouncing off the wheat field.  I thought it was a pretty sight.  So I asked Jolene if we could go back and take a photo of her there at a later date.  She said yes.  So she bought a couple dresses online and we returned to the location.

Most of my cameras and equipment have broken the past couple of years after a lot of abuse.  So much so that I stopped accepting clients for my photography business until I get everything replaced.  I do have a camera that takes okay images, and a lens that I have to manually focus.  The auto focus no longer works since I dropped it last year.  Anyway, we got to the location about 30 minutes before sunset.  We took a bunch of shots and got out of there.

The sunset was very blinding.  So I could barely see through the camera to focus in the correct spot.  I did get a bunch of images, and the photos below are the result.  I think they came out decent.

We do plan on doing a couple more shoots before she has the baby.  We plan on doing some more outdoor photos, as well as photos in our studio that we set up.    Additionally I will try to get in the photos as well.  Stay tuned for that.  Hopefully I can some new equipment to make the images even better.

If you were looking for photos of my hot wife, I’m sorry to disappoint.  I do think she is very hot even pregnant.  That’s just me though.

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