Movie Fort Fail

Yesterday I got the bright idea of creating a movie fort for Johanna and myself.  Jolene was at work, so to pass the time I thought we would watch the movie Moana.  We have a bunch of cardboard laying around from various projects.  I pulled the couch cushions from the other room and a couple blankets.  Voila, a movie fort.

My Movie Fort Fail

Netflix has Moana in its lineup.  I personally like the movie.  Jolene, Johanna and I love to travel to Hawaii.  Moana reminds me so much of the culture and beauty.  Since we didn’t have to pay anything for the movie I thought we could watch it before bed.  I turned my Hue lightships on for mood lighting and started the movie.  It was a surprise for Johanna.  I put everything together while she was in her room playing by herself.  I then called her to come down.

Once she came down she asked why I created the movie fort.  She wasn’t too impressed with the idea.  I had planned to make it bigger, but after her reaction I’m glad I didn’t.  She wasn’t interested in watching the movie.  She did finally sit down with me to watch part of the movie.  Only for 20 minutes though.  She’s seen the movie before in the theater.  Her memory of the lava monster is the only thing that stood out.  She didn’t want to sit through the entire movie because she didn’t want to see the monster again.  So she left the room.  Mark one down for dad.

To my disappointment I turned off the movie and took everything down.  Unfortunately she didn’t want to watch a different movie either.  My creativity didn’t impress her.  At least I tried.  Maybe next time.  Hopefully, I can find a different movie that she will want to watch that she hasn’t seen and try again.

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