As each and everyday progresses Johanna is getting more and more excited on the idea that her baby brother is coming soon.  When September hit we changed the calendar.  September 26th marked our sons estimated birthday.  The date was marked with “Baby Due.”  Johanna noticed that he’s coming soon.

Getting Excited for the Upcoming Baby

She has been asking more and more questions.  Half of the questions I do believe are sparked by her interest in kindergarten.  However, many of the question are in respect of her future brother.  Yesterday she decided to make a chalk drawing on our driveway.
Excited for the Upcoming Baby

This was the first time she drew her brother as part of the family.  She did however emphasize drawing her brother three times.  Each of us are holding him.  Originally she drew Jolene’s tummy in a rainbow because she loves her tummy so much.  To Johanna this was her first time holding the baby.  In a few weeks, reality will sink in.  Her drawings will come to life.  In the drawing Jolene is jumping for Joy for the baby to come out.  Daddy has long legs because I’m taller.  She loves to draw me with hair spikes.  Maybe she’ll learn to draw like me someday.

When we first mentioned we were going to have a baby, she stressed she wanted a sister.  She was disappointed that she was going to have a brother.  Now she has warmed up to the idea of a brother.  She has helped us put the nursery together.  Although she does have lots of her toys in there.  So it will be hard for her to not play in there in the mornings as we won’t want her to wake the baby.  Our baby might come early, but we will be ready.  Well, as much as anyone can be.


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