We always love the change of season.  Each season has it’s perks.  Winter has rain and snow, which generally is our favorite time of year.  Plus you can’t forget Christmas.  Spring, all the flowers begin to grow and our fruit begin to sprout.  Summer we go to the beach, lakes and river.  Fall has it’s own special intrigue.  Trees begin their change and preparation for winter.  Their leaves change color, making it one of the most colorful seasons.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are also fun holidays to experience this time of year.  Everything pumpkin spice makes it way to market.  Apple season begins it’s surge.  Luckily today marks the first day of fall.

It’s the First Day of Fall

Every Fall Jolene likes to put our her decorations.  We are not big on scary Halloween decorations, but we are fans of fall leaves and crop harvest decorations.  So each year our scarecrows and leaf decorations come out.  This is Braeden’s first fall, so he enjoyed his time outside.  Johanna helped put out the decorations as well as sweep.  We hung our fall wreath.  While putting out the decorations even Echo (our cat) made an appearance.  Most of the time she hides up stairs all day.

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy your first day of fall.  Luckily here in Southern California the temperature has already dropped.  The temperature looks to go back a up some, but for the most part cooler weather is already here.  Since we live near Oak Glen we will probably take multiple trips to pick apples and pumpkins.  Soon we will visit Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.   We will create another post when that happens.

First Day of Fall Braeden's First FallFall Door Decorations

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