Best Baby Camera for 2017

I am a techy. When anything new in technology comes out I am all over it. I’ve used different types of cameras for surveillance, as well as a bay camera. This year Netgear came out with the Arlo Baby camera. It’s their version of a baby camera, with the perks of of Arlo. All baby cams have their pros and cons. However, for me Arlo Baby has the most pros.

Best Baby Camera for 2017

My choice for the best camera is Arlo Baby. The reason I chose this camera is because one it is 1080p. The quality of video is great. Which is useful in seeing if your baby is awake, sleeping, or even alive for that matter. It does have Infrared lights for night vision. It has two way audio. It does have a couple sensors for temperature and humidity. One of the most important things is motion and sound alerts. Also important for me is the use of my cell phone. I don’t have to have a monitor to view it. I can set my wife and my own cell phone to view alerts and video.

The cons of this camera is the delay between sound, notifications, and video relay. Waiting a couple seconds to actually see what’s going can be a problem. Now, I have yet to see a camera that doesn’t have a delay. So in reality, there isn’t much of a difference from it’s competitors.

I appreciate Arlo’s move to make the camera look like something other than a camera. We like the camera, and when we no longer need it for a baby camera we can still you it to watch my house when I’m away.

What’s also important for myself is the integration of Arlo with IFTTT. They are many IFTTT combinations that can be used in tangent with it.

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