Maternity Photo Session

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Sep 5, 2017
The Wildlands Conservancy

We have been really busy as of late running different businesses. Since it was Labor Day yesterday Johanna didn’t have school. So we finally had a few hours where we could run out and take some photos. Yesterday was a little cooler so we ran up to The Wildlands Conservancy in Oak Glen.

What’s the Small Hole in a Toilet

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Aug 5, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the small hole in a toilet is?  It’s a siphon jet.  Toilets work by gravity.  The extra hole acts as a siphon to increase the flow of water into the toilet.  This action aids in emptying the toilet faster.  Personally I didn’t understand it’s function until recently.  Our toilet kept emptying slowly.  It wasn’t until after we did a deep clean of the toilet until it started to empty normally.  

SAHD’s Need to Shave

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Jun 27, 2017

One of cool things about being a SAHD is that we don’t have to always maintain our beards.  I personally hate having to shave every day.  When I attended college I also worked as an officer for the University Patrol.  The department had strict guidelines about maintaining our facial hair.  Many companies have the same regulations.  As a stay at home dad I don’t have a boss telling me how to shave my face, or how often.  Or do I?

Went all in With the New MacBook Pro

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Jun 10, 2017

In 2002 I had my first experience with a Mac.  I wasn’t too thrilled, but I eventually got used to it.  While in college, everything we used in the Art Department was on a Mac.  I eventually bought my first MacBook Pro in 2005.  It was a 17″ that is no longer made.  After years of improvement they became the go to computer for anyone working in the photography business.  So once again I went all in with the new MacBook Pro.

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