Occasionally on this blog I’ll be posting about events that we go to.  We have lots of family that lives away from us and doesn’t get to see Johanna grow other than on Facebook.  So this blog will be another avenue for our family to see photos and videos.

Beaumont Cherry Festival

Since we moved to Beaumont we have been going to the Beaumont Cherry Festival.  This will be out 4th time going to the event.  They have lots of food, crafts, and most importantly carnival rides.  Johanna loves going on the rides.  A special touch is all the available cherries for purchase.  Most purchases of cherries sponsor certain clubs.  So we always purchase cherries.

This year I almost didn’t go, as a bunch of things went wrong all at once.  Jolene, Johanna, and Jolene’s mother were going to go.  Then my internet went out, so I decided to go after all.  While there, Vince Neil was singing.  That brought back many memories from when I was a child.  I remember my dad having him on the radio when I was young when he was part of Motley Crue.

This year I didn’t bring my camera, so I was stuck with a phone to take photos.  So the photos are not as good as they would have been.  The above gallery is just a couple photos we took.

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