Each and every day Braeden is able to control his head more.   Today I was holding him and he just sat there by himself in a normal sitting position. Since he could sit on his own I figured we would introduce him to his Bumbo we bought him.

Brother and Sister in Their Bumbos

We put Braeden in his Bumbo.  He sat in it quite contently.  Jolene commented that Johanna likes to sit in hers occasionally because she has a little but.  So I recommended we get a photo of it.


The above photo is them together. Indeed Johanna still fits in her Bumbo. I remember having Johanna sit in her Bumbo a lot when she was young. I really love this photo because we actually captured him smiling. He kept staring at Johanna. Johanna adores him. Personally, I think it is mutual.  I can only pray that their relationship blossoms as they get older. Maybe they will have a better relationship than what I had with my sister.

I really love these Bumbo seats as they can sit content and learn to hold their heads even more. There are many types out there, but I like the simplicity of Bumbo and recommend them to anyone with a baby when the time is right.

Our Baby Boy Can Control His Head

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