My name is Timothy Bearden.  10 years ago I got married to my high school sweetheart.  My wife’s name is Jolene.  5 years ago my daughter was born.  Her name is Johanna.  We have another on the way whom we have yet to name.  We are expecting a boy.  So that will be a new experience for us.  With us is our cat Echo and our four k9 pack members named Athena, Alice, Willow, and Ember.

I am a photographer, a dog enthusiast, blog enthusiast, and most importantly a stay at home dad.  Luckily I have the benefit of Jolene working only 3 days a week as a nurse.  This site is dedicated to my life taking care of my children and family.  It is my hope to inspire others to take a leap in raising their own children ignoring societal pressures urging them not to.

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